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BRSR Research

Our exclusive and deepened insights on BRSR is intended to provide stakeholders with information about listed companies performance on ESG practices.

BRSR Due Diligence

Our insights helps investors and companies identify and manage risks and opportunities associated with sustainability issues.

BRSR Training

BRSR Preparation

We facilitate our clients to include their environmental footprint, labor practices, human rights, governance structure & other ESG related topics.

BRSR Training

With our training, Indian listed companies can ensure that their employees are aware of the latest BRSR related best practices and insights.

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BRSR Careers – Join BRSR India and be part of the team that’s creating an impact one at a time. BRSR India is exclusive division of our global venture – Growlity, which being a knowledge driven advisory organisation recruits a limited number of resources with unlimited potential. What we look for are learning aptitude, ability to meet new challenges, logical approach, analytical ability, high integrity, team player and high business communication. These features are non-negotiable. Career development is our commitment.

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+91 96013 10999

Growlity Private Limited

B-311, SNS Atria, Vesu, Surat , India – 395007